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ChatGPT forced a shift in AI investment to the app layer

Following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to the public in November 2022, generative AI startups have attracted a wave of new funding, as depicted above. Since ChatGPT took the world by storm, VC investments in generative AI companies are totaling over $2B per quarter.


AI model training compute is scaling logarithmically over time

Stanford University published a 500-page AI Index report recently. As one can imagine, lots of research was shared. This chart stood out, depicting how some of the most well-known AI models have required exponentially more computing power (measured here in peta floating operations per second) over time.  Source

Subscription data analytics firm Antenna recently published its State of Subscriptions Q1’24 report. The report called out a growing cohort of U.S. streaming-video subscribers: serial churners. These are defined as customers that have unsubscribed from >3 subscription video services in the past two years. This group grew over 40% YoY in Q1 2024 and now represents almost one in four of all streaming video subscribers. 


Meta releases the world’s most powerful open source LLM to date

In the past week, Meta released its Llama 3 open source AI model. This means any person, organization, or group of people may used the model and manipulate it for there own purposes for free. The graphic above is from Meta’s announcing press release. It showcases results from Meta’s internal human evaluation of Llama 3’s performance vs. other popular AI models, based on a blind evaluation where the team does not have access to the evaluation prompts. Llama 3 is available on all the major public clouds in the U.S.


Generative AI can save days in visual effects production

Last week we published a Twitter thread exploring some applications of generative AI in Hollywood productions. Read it here. One product called Vanity AI by MARZ could save visual effects teams hours, and even days in their creative processes, as shown in the above infographic from the company. Depending on the type of visual effect workflow, deaging workflows can be reduced to minutes instead of days, and cosmetic effects from hours to a minute. This is a profound example of the deflationary effects of generative AI applications. 


Teslas are the cheapest cars to maintain in the U.S.

According to Consumer Reports, Teslas are the cheapest vehicles over a multi-year period to maintain, excluding collision repairs. The lack of oil changes and moving parts in the powertrain contribute to cheap maintenance costs in EVs. At the bottom of the list (not pictured above) were European luxury brands like Land Rover and Porsche.


Netflix added more than double the amount of subs Wall Street expected in Q1

Last week, Netflix reported their first quarter’s financial results. Netflix added almost 10 million new subscribers in the first quarter, double analyst expectations.


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