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Betting handle on women’s sports has quadrupled in the last 3 years

The 2024 March Madness basketball tournaments are in full swing. This year, more Americans can legally bet on the games than ever before. Placing a bet on a game instantly increases fan engagement, helping to drive viewership. Draftkings shared the data represented above to CNBC, illustrating the uptrend in betting handle on women’s sports – a bright spot in the blitzing growth of the online sports betting market.Source.Visualizing how walking can help stimulate neurological processes

This is a visual from work done by Dr. Charles Hillman during his tenure at the University of Illinois (2000-2016). As philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche have postulated for decades, getting outdoors and moving around is not only good for our bodies, but also for our brains.


Nvidia GTC: Project GR00T and Humanoid Robotics

Nvidia announced project Gr00T at its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) last week. GR00T is a multimodal foundational model aimed at deployment in humanoid robots. Setting aside whether the future of humanoid robots will be GR00T-based or otherwise, this model is a halo product for Nvidia, showcasing its entire technology stack. From the Omniverse digital twin training environment to the multimodal inputs that are key to developing the next generation of AI applications, GR00T is a demonstration of the future of AI models from the leader in silicon today. Above is a slide from Nvidia’s announcement of the model showcasing it’s multimodal training loop.Source.The four-decade uptrend in realtors could finally be reversing
The recent settlement involving the National Association of Realtors (NAR) threatens to disintermediate buyers’ agents’ fees and the requirement of member realtors to list client homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is controlled by the NAR. Real estate is a highly competitive industry and the resulting business model changes may shrink the pie for realtors. As observed in the chart above, the number of NAR member realtors has trended up over time, despite US home sale volumes not following a similar trajectory.Source.

Redditors appear to be uniquely obsessed with… Reddit

Reddit IPO’d last week. It’s one of the last big web 2.0 platforms to go public – and it’s certainly a unique platform. In the company’s S-1 filing, management detailed that many Reddit users are not active on other platforms. The chart shows that 32% of Reddit users in Q4 2023 were not active on Facebook, 37% inactive on Instagram, and so on. Directly from the S-1: “Because Reddit is interest-driven versus friends-and-follower driven, and because Redditors have control over their identity, they often seek information on topics important to them that are not visible to social media platforms. For example, a Redditor might privately explore how to cure their acne, but they are unlikely to share this with friends on other platforms publicly. As such, Reddit offers advertisers a chance to reach users that other platforms cannot in the most contextually relevant ways.”


EVs are, in fact, lower emissions than ICE vehicles

BloombergNEF recently published a detailed emissions report covering the lifecycle emissions of electric vehicles. They confirmed what we at Nightview have found in our research for several years: EVs are lower emissions than combustion vehicles by a wide margin when the lifecycle use is considered.


NFL expands its international strategy

The NFL announced it is expanding the Global Markets Program to new teams and markets. The global markets program grants NFL teams the rights to market their teams and the sport in specific domiciles, though it’s not about broadcast rights. The most recent expansion includes highlights like Japan, South Korea, and Argentina, as well as new teams with international rights like the New York Giants and Detroit Lions. This is another step in the NFL’s global expansion—and could have long-term implications for the growth around America’s most made-for-TV sport.



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